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We had several international friends email us about our Zuleta embroidery. We love Etsy for handmade stuff, so we decided to open an Etsy shop to share with the world our creations. 
We are selling them tailor made, you send us your sizes and color combination. Once you have purchased your good, it will take us about two weeks to produce your good, since it is completely handmade and tailor made. Once your good is ready we will ship it through Correos del Ecuador as a Certified package so that you will get a tracking number and you can follow your order.
She is wearing our Parwa Blouse in dark yellow (mustard). Black embroidery made by Mayra from Zuleta.
Berni recommends:
Etsy.com - I love all the crafty goods.
  Tumbaco - Ecuador.

Introducing Berni
Berni is 22. She is an independent Animator and lives in Vancouver.

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