Mayra Sandoval

Mayra is a talented young woman, mother of two children, born and raised in Zuleta. (Indigenous Comunity in the Northern part of Ecuador). Her mother taught her how to embroider and she has been doing this since she was a little kid. Through her work Mayra supports her household. 
Mayra, as a humble woman knows that there are various other women, children and whole comunities around our country who need a little help a small ingnition that will help them pursuit life changing projects.

Now Mayra is collaborating with the Parwa project, believing as ourselves that we can create a chain of change through Purposeful Shopping!

                                             Nancy Guevara

Nancy is another talented young woman, born and raised in the rural areas of Quito Ecuador. Nancy learned since she was a small girl the art of sewing. She has various years of expierence.She worked for a long period of time in "Atelier de Diseño" a fashion design studio, were she gained more experience. Now besides her own personal projects and work, she is working with project Parwa, as Mayra and ourselves she also believes in the chain of change that can be created through purposeful shoping!

                                              The Zuletan Comunity 

 The comunity is located in Cayambe, an ecuadorian province two hours away from the city. It is sorrounded by mountains,  the comunity's major activity is cropping and handcrafting. The Zuletan comunity is famous for their ancestral embroidering techniques, however now a days young women from zuleta are leaving their community and migrating to larger cities,s earching for other ways to support their families, leaving behind their families and culture. Through fair work, We want to encourage women to be able to support themselves and their families through their handcrafting work.


Monica Hernandez

Finca Mono Verde Operations and Development 

Monica is the brain behind the project "Casa de Las Aves" the project for which you will help us raise funds! She has been living in Tabuga Ecuador for two years and is working hand in hand from women, men and children in the comunity. Through her work in conservation and organic farming she has identified various problems derived from the lack of resources this town and its sorroundings receives from the government. The women in the comunity are an essential part of the workforce, not only because they work hand in hand with men in crops and agriculture but because the raise their children without enough support from the government or their own comunity. Therefore Monica has presented the project "Casa de las Aves" a wonderful opportunity for these women and the comunity. You can read all about the project in our page destined to the project! 


The Parwa Project Creators

Angela Hernandez and Lorena Dalmau, inspired by our talented countrywomen and aware of the various social challenges our rural women experience, decided to pursuit project Parwa. We share the love for fashion, traditional art,heritage, and women empowerment, therefore what a better way than to bring all of these together and encourage a different way of shopping. Purposeful shopping! We believe that people around the world can shop for high quality, unique products, and as they do so, they can be helping someone else pursuit their own dreams.

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