Casa de las aves

Tabuga, Manabí, Ecuador


Tabuga is a small town of approximately 300 people located in rural coastal Ecuador.  Its population lives on approximately $3 a day, most of their income comes from agriculture and small scale fishing.  The women in Tabuga spend their time taking care of their children and their households, and despite having free time they have little to no access to activities that will provide them with further economic independence, nor do they have access to other productive activities.  Despite the fact that many of them possess great skills such as sewing and food processing, they don’t have the machinery to do so or the space to do it.
For this reason, we would like to create a center which will focus on women of all ages called “La Casa de lass Aves” (The House of Birds), which will provide women in Tabuga with a place where they can gather, where they will be provided with workshops on women’s rights, rights of birth and motherhood (respecting and recuperating their ancestral knowledge on this subject), women’s health, nutrition, and others.
Additionally, the house will have a work space where women will be able to use sewing machines and food processing tools, which they can use to develop products which they can afterwards sell (market access will be provided through PARWA).
We know this will change women’s lives in the area by finally providing  a monetary value to their great knowledge and skills, which have so far been absolutely neglected.  We also know this will change their perception on their importance in their society and houses, and with further knowledge of their rights.

We need your support to make this a reality, for further information on our work in the area please visit www.fincamonoverde.com, our counterpart working in the area in community development and organic agriculture.

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