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We are proud to offer our newly designed and produced 100% handmade leather sandals! All our desings are unique and they have been made by talented indigenous artisans who are collaborating with project Parwa. 

We have various color options, if you have any color in mind please send us an email and we will try to make it happen for you! 

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We had several international friends email us about our Zuleta embroidery. We love Etsy for handmade stuff, so we decided to open an Etsy shop to share with the world our creations. 
We are selling them tailor made, you send us your sizes and color combination. Once you have purchased your good, it will take us about two weeks to produce your good, since it is completely handmade and tailor made. Once your good is ready we will ship it through Correos del Ecuador as a Certified package so that you will get a tracking number and you can follow your order.
She is wearing our Parwa Blouse in dark yellow (mustard). Black embroidery made by Mayra from Zuleta.
Berni recommends: - I love all the crafty goods.
  Tumbaco - Ecuador.

Introducing Berni
Berni is 22. She is an independent Animator and lives in Vancouver.

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Fashion, Culture,Conscience

Parwa started as a way to connect and share with the world Zuleta's embroidery and Zuletan women. We have a passion for embroidery and handcrafts.
Angela and I met training to climb Cotopaxi Volcano, reaching successfully a height of 5,897 m (19, 347 ft). Since then we found out we are neighbors and have climbed many other mountains together. Through mountains we have discovered our country Ecuador, meeting new communities and women.
We were always trying to find a project different from our daily routine, we were looking forward to share our Ecuadorian background and the things we love like traveling, biking and running, mountains and meeting new people.
On the way, we realized we also wanted to support and develop life changing projects. As we met women from different communities, like Zuleta women, we were constantly amazed by how these women build passion through their commitment to support their families. The passion of embroidery in Zuleta is passed down across generations of women. We want to work towards a better life for them and their families. 

So through our founding Parwa process we talked to Monica Hernandez, she is one of the Founders of Finca Mono Verde, an amazing Nature Conservancy Project in the coastline of Ecuador ( and she has been working in a project that she has named PROJECT CASA DE LAS AVES, this project will help a great number of women in this area.  (Please visit our website for detailed information on PROJECT CASA DE LAS AVES. So through your purposeful shopping in our Parwa store we will help Project Casa de las Aves to become a reality.

In short, we like fashion, we love our indigenous heritage and life changing projects. 
Here we are, joining fashion design, cultural heritage and consumer conscience. 
What a better way to do what we love by designing hand in hand with our local artisans?

As we present our collection and sell our goods, part of the money goes to life changing projects, that we will continuously post and update for your knowledge, therefore as you shop you are supporting a specific cause. Expect posts regarding our support to Casa De Las Aves and the women connected to Parwa.

We want to promote a chain of change. All our goods are handmade, by talented local Ecuadorian women. Our labels and packaging goods are made from recycled fabrics! The women working with Parwa are hard working, humble women who like us believe in change. Let’s break the consumerism cycle and promote PURPOSEFUL SHOPPING! 

Every blouse, skirt, coat or jewelry is 100% handmade. 

Thank you for believing in change!

For detailed information, shopping or any other doubt, please visit
 our webpage 
Find us on Etsy